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When Looking for a Wedding Photographer in Miami Beach

Updated: May 15, 2023

Being a wedding photographer in Miami Beach has been a sublime adventure in the last couple of years. And after so many great experiences and several beautiful memories registered with our cameras; we think that it is healthy to share with you some of the most important things to consider when looking for a South Florida wedding photographer.

Miami beach wedding

And of course, these lessons aren't things that you simply learn from books while studying at photography school. We are talking about real wedding photography experience on the field.

Planning is Key

We can't say this enough, wedding photography in Miami Beach is better achieved when improvisation gets reduced to the minimum. Experience has told us that if we get contacted with enough time (at least 6 months), we are truly capable of pulling out the whole beauty of a wedding.

Miami beach wedding

How? Simple, we do our homework. First thing's first, knowing the couple gives us a better understanding of their love story. This helps us out into making a unique concept for each wedding. And of course, we love knowing the romantic background as well. That helps us out into creating some nice ideas for pre-wedding and post-wedding sessions when required.

Secondly, we get to be fully aware of all the guests that will be joining the wedding at South Florida. This reduces the chance of leaving anyone behind. Could you imagine having your wedding photos and noticing that a well beloved family member is missing on them? We simply can't allow us to do that.

And last but not least, we visit the venue prior to the event, and we scout for all the best places to take some of the "traditional" wedding photos. This also allows us to plan beforehand about weather conditions and sun directions too..

Concepts Strengthens The Friendship

We are fully aware that you might have a ton of amazing ideas that you'll like to have on your wedding day. And that's why we highly encourage you to curate some of these before we meet.

Miami beach wedding

Everything is possible, unfortunately we also know that this depends on how large a budget can be.

By having transparent talks we have been able to define the sweet-spot between creativity and resources. Pin-point out the ideas that you love the most, and we assure you that we can figure out something together that you'll be happy to share with the world. We don't mind meeting in person at beautiful Miami Beach.

Weddings are Multidisciplinary Projects

Everyone involved in a wedding has a specific role, and wedding photography for us means to capture the best out of every wedding.

Miami beach wedding

For some reason some wedding photographers don't like meeting with wedding planners, but we are definitely not that type of professionals. We know that the person to be ultimately trusted is the one and only, the wedding planner. If you'd like us all to have a meeting, that's definitely not a problem for us.

The Documentary Approach

Yes, we love doing the traditionally posed photos. But our true passion is to capture the candid moments revolving around all the beautiful Miami Wedding vibe. And this requires some sneaky and social skills of course.

Miami beach wedding

This is better achieved when a prior sort of friendship has been built before. That's why it is so important for you to contact us with enough time before your big day. After a couple of meetings we'll both be getting along, enhancing the natural photographs that we'll be capturing during your highly awaited wedding.

Last but not Least

Miami wedding photography is best achieved with the great beauties of natural light. We do work with artificial lighting sources and techniques; but we just can't resist the aesthetic goodness our Sun can give to us when it comes to photography.

So, if you allow us to give you one crucial piece of advice, plan your wedding to happen with at least a little sunlight in it. Harsh midday sun isn't a pleasant experience for both the newlyweds and the guests, we know it for good. But a nice evening sun that slowly fades away will result in the most beautiful wedding photographs you could imagine.

Miami beach wedding

If you are still getting everything prepared for your wedding at Miami Beach and haven't quite decided yet about a true local south Florida wedding photographer, don't hesitate in getting in touch with us at Ganesha Photo for all your wedding imagery needs. We will be more than pleased to capture all your precious wedding moments!

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